Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Monday, April 21, 2008


I am really horrible at keeping this up to date. So sorry. Life is great here. We're both keeping busy and loving every minute of it! Summer is almost here and I cannot wait. Classes are going good, but it will be a much needed break. Lately, the mice and squirrels have come out of hiding. Collin has declared all out war on them. I've gotten used to him running in breathless, grabbing his "sniper rifle" and running back out of the house on a regular basis. Its kinda funny and I have a hard time not laughing picturing the mighty hunter at work... Hee Hee. I got to go help Trish with the youth baptisms at the temple this weekend and that was really neat. It was wierd to be on the other end of that and not the one doing the baptisms. It was a fun trip though. This morning was the high schools fake drunk driving wreck. Chris and I, and Chandler went to go watch all the boys in action, even if it wasn't for real. Chandler loved the helicopters! Afterwards, all the emergency vehicles lined up and they let the kids look through them and run the sirens (it was a loud ten minutes!). Sam Napier and I were amazed at how many kids could fit in the firetruck! We counted 17 kid get out of it. Scott Hawkins was talking to us and said "Yep. Those Injuns can sure pack 'em in there." It was VERY humorous. Well, thats it for now. If anything exiting happens in the next little bit, I'll be sure to post it.