Saturday, October 23, 2010

4 down...Eternity to Go...

Collin and I celebrated out 4th anniversary this week and more than ever I know he is the man I am SUPPOSED to be with. Collin works so hard for our family and usually has about half an hour to get home and shower than he is off to his next shift, but he took the time to get me some flowers and let me know how much he loves me. As I sit here this morning, I can't help but think back on the past four years and think of how blessed we have been. I love the life we have created for ourselves! We may not have everything we want but we have always been blessed with what we need. We have a beautiful daughter who we love with all our hearts. I have a wonderful husband who I love more and more each day and always supports me in everything I want to do. Everything isn't always perfect, and we have certainly had our disagreements, but if I had to do it all over again I would still choose Collin to go through life's adventure's with. Thanks for being wonderful and working so hard to make your family happy! Here's to loving you babe! Four down, and eternity to go...

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Blog slacker (Warning LONG Post!)

Where has the time gone?! I can't believe we are already half-way through October! It seems like I just started volleyball again and now we are 2 weeks away from the Regional Tournament. (I measure my life right now by games played vs. still left... I guess it comes with coaching?) Things here are going well and I'm going to attemp to summarize it all for journal purposes. If you're still reading by the end... props to you. You're a dedicated blog reader! :)

Collin is still as wonderful as ever and works so hard for our family. As much as I miss him, I'm glad he loves what he does and so that makes it a little easier to wave goodbye for two days at a time. I love watching Jorgan's face when her Daddy walks through the door! She squeels and runs right up to give him a big love and she doesn't even like sharing him with me!

Jorgan is getting so big! It seems like the last month she has really gone from a baby to a little girl. It makes me sad (but not sad enough to want another one just yet! :D)... She jabbers constantly and there are some real words thrown in here or there. She says "Hi" "Mom" "Dad" "Babba" "Bampa" (Grandpa) "Pappa" "Dance" (She usually ways this one as she's waiving her arms around and running in a circle, I guess that what dancing passes for these days... :D It is so cute!) Lately, she's been saying "Oh no!" and "Oh my gosh!" I guess I say that alot... guess I'll have to watch what I say from now on! :) She also has an obsession with shoes lately. She will try anyones shoes on that will let her. She usually walks over to someone and points and grunts until they give in and she gets to try one their shoes. If they are in a pile on the ground, forget it. They are fair game and she will wear them until you chase her down and retrieve them. She does really good at matching the shoes. She always seems to know which shoes go together... she really is pretty smart. Takes after her mother. :) hee hee. I've started watching one of my friends little boys that is a few months younger than she is. It is really good for her to learn to share (work in progress) and be "soft" (another work in progress) and play with another kiddo. She's doing pretty good. She is so much fun and such a sweetheart! Her Daddy and I love her so stinkin' much!

Things always seem to get a little hectic for me this time of year. I love it though. It keeps things interesting. I am still coaching volleyball for the next month or so. This is the time of the season when things start to get exciting. The work up to State. I'll let you know how that goes. The team looks pretty good so far. There is a new Varsity coach this year that is a JOY to work with. I am learning so much. I'm also still in YW and loving it! I really think we have the best young women in the church. :) Collin and I both just got put on the Activities Committee. I'm kind of excited to have a calling with him. That should be fun. I'm still doing photography as well and its picked up a little bit. I don't know if it will drop off when the rush to get Senior pictures in time for the yearbook deadline is over, but its been fun to have some sessions and learn new things. Its really turning into a passion of mine and I'm greatful that Collin is indulging me a little bit on this. He's wonderful... did I mention that? :)

Hopefully I'll get better at blogging when things calm down a little bit. Just thought I would let everyone know that we're still alive and haven't fallen off the face of the earth. :)