Thursday, June 19, 2008

Back to Real Life

Its about a week late but I am finally blogging about camp. It was such a great week. Not only did I have Mom and Olivia up there with me, I also had Collin there for a night, and Trish and Meg were there all week too. Who gets homesick with so much family around?! The camp was as usual a spritual feast. There were so many great speakers and workshops and other things to strengthen testimonies. I really feel recharged after this experience. The highlight of the week was getting a letter from my dad, it was part of the mountaintop experience. He's such an example to me and I love him dearly. Thanks Dad! When I got home it was right back to work at the pool. Things there are going swimmingly (hee hee). Collin is working as hard as ever keeping up with the farms and secretly I think he loves it!


Monday, June 2, 2008

Tagged AGAIN!

Thanks Jaci! This tagging up stuff gives me a chance to seriously reflect on my life... Ha Ha!

3 joys: Collin, Family, That feeling of accomplishment after you've gotten alot done.

3 fears: Something happening to Collin or another close family member, SPIDERS especially when they get in our bed and crawl on me when I am asleep, public speaking (which is kinda weird considering I want to be a teacher. Hmmm...)

3 goals: GET ORGANIZED!, start a family one day, live in a house that is less than one hundred years old (not that I am complaining. I love my little house!)

3 Current Obsessions: Blogging (Collin thinks I spend way too much time looking at these things), Fast food, Trivia Questions (somedays that is the only way the time moves quickly, or at all for that matter, at the pool).

3 Random Facts: I sorta have the same problem Jaci has- I always like to throw my two cents in when someone is feeling sick or has injured something, Collin calls me Dr. Claridge. Collin and I "hunt" mice in our home... Its a long story... I have worked at the Pima Pool for five summers (I know, I really need to get a life, or at least a grown-up job)

5 People that I tag: Courtney, Rochelle, Tricia, Mikael, Taylor.