Saturday, August 8, 2009

Goings On

Another month(ish) has flewn by and like always I am behind on the times. Poor Jorgan's world has been rocked this past week. Not only did she get put on the bottle (that whole experience has been just as traumatic for me too I think) but she got her first ear infection. The poor babe has not been feeling well, but we saw Dr. Batty and she's on antibiotics now and hopefully she'll be back to her happy self shortly.

Collin started at the San Carlos EMS yesterday as an EMT! Yeah! I am so proud of him. He had a great first shift and we managed to go a full 24 hours at home without him. Boy were we happy to see him this morning!

I started coaching again. This year I am the JV volleyball coach at Ft. Thomas. Thats right... I've crossed over to the dark side. :) Its fun and the girls are great, but it is a whole different world from Jr. High. I hope I don't botch it too bad. Its keeping me busy and Jorgan is having fun hanging out with Grandma and Olivia every day.

We had so much fun at the Pioneer Day Celebration. My Aunt Mary and Uncle Steve and family came for the festivities and it was fun to see them all. My cousin Jen had a little baby boy, Colt, about a month after Jorgan and he is so stinkin' cute! He was five weeks early so Jorgan looks like a tank compared to him but I bet he'll outgrow her before too long.

Here's Jorgan with her Great-Grandma Katy and Great-Grandpa Crockett at the football field. She loves these two people! I was worried about how she would handle the fireworks but she slept right through them. I guess it was all too exciting for her.

My dad and Evan along with Uncle Steve and cousins Zack and David sang in the program and it sounded so good! They're rock stars!

The next weekend we had a fun time with everyone in Collin's family. We had a party at the Thatcher park and took family pictures (Thanks Trey!). Here's my two favorite people... Doesn't Collin look like he's having fun?

Summer has been fun but I always like it when school starts and we have a little bit of a schedule. At least this way I remember what day it is halfway through the week!

I found this picture and it cracked me up! This is what Collin typically looks like when he gets home in the evernings. Phone in one hand, babe in the other.