Monday, April 21, 2014

Haylee Debra!

It seems like these blog posts always start with some sort of sentence that exclaims how woefully behind I am on posting... this one is no different.    I figure for journaling purposes better late than never, right?

My doctor checked me 3 weeks early and said I was about 3cm and 80% effaced so I was completely prepared  for an early birth.  Then the somewhat regular contractions started 2 weeks early.  Because I was induced with Jorgan, I didn't know anything about natural labor.  I definitely knew what contractions felt like, and I was definitely having them.  There were a few (count them... 3...) times that the contractions were regularly within 2 minutes apart and I was convinced that I needed to be rushed to the hospital, and was.  The wonderful nurses would hook me up to the monitor, let me hang out for a couple hours and drink LOTS of water, and then pat me on the hand and tell me to come back when the REAL contractions started and to drink LOTS or water in the meantime. I thought they were hilarious :)

Well, apparently our sweet baby girl was very comfortable and my due date came and went.  I asked to be induced (I'm weak, I know!) and we headed to the hospital at 7 AM on September 27th.  I was in "BABY OR BUST" mode and very relieved that this time I would be leaving the hospital with a baby.  They had me change, got me hooked up to the monitor and gave me some medicine to kick start labor. I thought that was great because I was already having contractions and thought "Bring it on!"

They had me lay down for a bit so the medicine could work and we didn't have to wait long before it did!  My water broke when I was at about 4cm and that was quite the feeling.  Definitely different than having the doctor break them.  It was exciting!  They asked me if I wanted to walk around for a while and I did, but asked it I could get in the shower to clean up first.  The hot water was heavenly!  I ended up staying in the shower for about an hour.  Collin came in the bathroom with me and we had a great time.  We talked and visited through the contractions (that were really starting to hurt!) I got out of the shower and  got dressed in those cute little hospital gowns and started feeling tons of pressure down there and the contractions were getting super intense.  I told Vikki Henry (Best delivery nurse I could have asked for!) She got me hooked back up to the monitor and about this same time the baby started to have decells (a lot like what happened with Jorgan) and they started to get worried.  Lots of watching, lots of people in and out talking about the possibility of a c-section.  Then Vikki decided to check and see how far along I was.  Keep in mind, the last they had checked was an hour before this so everyone thought I would be close to a 4 still.  Lo and behold I was at a 9!  No one could believe it... I could have told them something was happening!  :)  I was a nervous wreck because I knew after 9 came 10 and then pushing and I still didn't have an epidural yet.  I asked for one and they called the anesthesiologist but he didn't get there in time. About 10 minutes later, and about a minute after Dr. Harrison arrived, I had the most insane, intense urge to push. Three pushes later (with me still begging for an epidural) out popped a perfect little girl.  The entire induction had taken about 3 hours.  Super fast!  She had a ton of dark hair and was as chubby as could be.  Haylee Debra weighed 7 lbs. 4 oz. and was 18 inches long.  What a sweet baby she has been!

We named her after Collin's mom Debra (Dub) and I had asked her to be in the delivery room with us so we could surprise her with our name choice.  We called her about the time I had gotten out of the shower to tell her I was still at a 4 and to take her time.  After they checked me again, Collin called to say I was at a 9 and get up there quick!  Needless to say, they walked in right after Haylee was born.  We still got to surprise her with the name and it was so fun!  I love that my girls are named after their sweet, wonderful grandmothers and I hope they will look up to them like I do.

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